Launch of the 2016 DTG artists’ competition

DTG-Untersetzer 2016 gesucht

Today marks the start of the artist competition for the motif of the DTG 2016 collectible coaster. We are looking for something inspired by one of Tolkien’s works. The only other conditions for the motif are that

  • it has to include the DTG logo (can be in a slightly modified version but has to be recognisable)
  • it is in colour
  • it does not include film stills or any other copyright-protected material.


The winner will not only receive a free coaster but also a German Lord of the Rings edition with 50 illustrations by Allan Lee, which Klett-Cotta is publishing in October.

With the submission of your motif (as .jpg or .tiff, ranging between 500kb to 2MB in size and a resolution of 300dpi), you consent to have the picture published in the above-mentioned form and as a picture on our internet platforms and in our society magazine Flammifer von Westernis, citing your name, of course. You can submit up to three different motifs.


We are looking forward to your submissions to marie-noelle.biemer [ad]!

In 2011, German Tolkien illustrator Anke Eißmann designed a coaster for us. The first competition in 2012 was won by Goswin von Mallinckrodt with his feisty dwarf, in 2013 we finally got a ‚real coaster‘ from Claudia Pertschy, in 2014 we had a Japanese-inspired Erebor by Lukas Walzer. Last year, Annika Röttinger won the competition with a motif linked to our refugee aid campaign.

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