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Von der Valparaiso Universität in den USA erreichte uns einer neuer Call for Papers. Im März fand an der Universität im Bundesstaat Indiana eine Konferenz mit dem Thema “Celebrating The Hobbit” statt. Für den Konferenzband suchen die Herausgeber nun noch einige Artikel (in englischer Sprache) zum Thema:

J.R.R. Tolkien and The Hobbit:  Its Place and Influence on the Larger Legendarium

This is a call for book chapters for an edited volume discussing research and scholarship on the influence of The Hobbit on the revision and expansion by Tolkien of the larger Middle-earth legendarium.  Christopher Tolkien has stated in writing that the writing and publication of The Hobbit in the 1930′s had no influence at all on Tolkien’s ongoing expansion and revisions of his legendarium.  Recent scholarship and detailed research has shown, however, that Tolkien was influenced by the plots, characters, and ideas presented in The Hobbit, some of which had an extraordinary effect on subsequent expansions, revisions, and new concepts within his legendarium.

This book will be anchored by two plenary papers presented at the “Celebrating The Hobbit” conference at Valparaiso University in March 2013.  Verlyn Flieger discussed French influences on the development of Bilbo Baggins in her “Bilbo’s French connections” paper, while John Rateliff provided numerous examples of The Hobbit‘s influence on Tolkien’s legendarium in his plenary address “Anchoring the Myth:  The Impact of The Hobbit on Tolkien’s Legendarium.”  Both of these papers will be included in the volume, along with other presentations from this conference.

The editor is looking for additional content for this volume, based on the above topic.  If you are interested in submitting a chapter for this volume, please send your proposal (in 500 words or less), title, and contact information to Dr. Brad Eden, editor, by June 15, 2013 ().  If accepted, your book chapter would be due no later than December 1, 2013.  At this time, discussions regarding a publisher for this volume are in progress; McFarland has expressed an interest.

Bild: Valparaiso Memorial Opera House (gemeinfrei)

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