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15th Tolkien Conference

 Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft e.V. (DTG)

Call for Papers

RWTH Aachen

5 to 7 October 2018

2017 saw the 80th anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit. It was this book that introduced Tolkien the author to a wider public and brought him popular critical acclaim. As a consequence, he received several prizes, such as the 1938 New York Herald Tribune award for the best children’s book. It is thus arguably the publication of The Hobbit and the first critical reactions to it some eight decades ago that constitute the starting point for the scholarly and critical reception of Tolkien and his literary work. The 15th Tolkien Seminar would like to use this anniversary as an opportunity to discuss the influence of Tolkien’s work, the different readings and interpretations it received, and to try a provisional assessment of the critical status of his published works. The seminar inscribes itself into the tradition of the aesthetics of reception. It focuses on the different points of view (and their socio-cultural backgrounds) from which Tolkien’s work has been approached, and analyses the function of the individual reader in the process of constructing the private and public ‘meanings’ of a work. The subject of the seminar is thus the stratification of Tolkien’s audience according to nationality, class, gender, profession etc. and the effect this had on the reception of Tolkien’s work. Possible topics for papers would be thus the reception of Tolkien’s work by

  • literary critics
  • literary scholars
  • philologists/linguists
  • historians
  • natural scientists
  • different nationalities
  • different social classes
  • different gender groups
  • etc.

A discussion of any of these approaches would profit from taking into account the historical perspective that looks at the development of how the view on Tolkien’s work has changed (within the group) over time. The 15th Seminar of the German Tolkien Society is supported by Walking Tree Publishers and takes place at the Department of English at the RWTH Aachen from 5 to 7 October 2018. Potential participants are kindly invited to send a brief abstract (no longer than one page) together with a short biographical sketch (five to ten lines) no later than 30 May 2018 to Thomas Fornet-Ponse:

DTG Conference Scholarship

The DTG proudly announces the creation of the annual conference scholarship for junior researchers in the field of Tolkien studies.

The following specifications apply:

  1. Applicants must be students, PhD candidates, or PostDoc researchers with (at the time of application) no more than one academic publication in the field of Tolkien studies, and be no older than 35 years.
  2. Applications, consisting of a brief CV and a short presentation of any Tolkien-related research or other activities, can be submitted together with the abstract for the conference presentation.
  3. The Board of Editors of Hither Shore, in consultation with the Board of the DTG, awards the scholarships. The Board of Editors of Hither Shore decides about the acceptance of submissions for the conference independently, so that applicants who did not succeed in securing a scholarship may still be invited to present their paper at the conference.
  4. The scholarships are meant to cover all travel- and accommodation expenses connected to the conference, as well as the conference dinner costs, up to but not exceeding Euro 500. The scholarship holders are reimbursed after the seminar and once the receipts have been submitted. Each scholarship holder receives a certificate of achievement.
  5. The scholarship holders are to submit their papers for publication in Hither Shore. They undergo the same peer-review process like all other submissions.


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